On continuous pursuance by NFPE & AIPEU Group ‘C’ the orders on MACP Benchmark have been clarified by the Department of Post vide letter No. 7-8/2016-PCC (Pt) dated 13.03.20019.
The issue was raised several times before Department.
The issue was raised in Standing Committee Meeting of National Council JCM on 7th March 2019 before Chairman i.e. Secretary, DOP&T and he directed officers of Postal Department present in meeting to issue clarification orders on it.
We also wrote to the Member (P) vide our letter No. P/4-1/MACP dated 08.03.2019.
Resultantly Department of Post issued clarificatory orders on 13.03.2019 that very good bench mark will be applicable after 25.07.2016 prior to it “Good” will be considered for upgradation in MACP.
This will be advantageous for thousands of Postal employees.
MACP bench mark orders
MACP bench mark orders

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