How to install CSI Postman Mobile Application


CSI PMA Installation

how to install postman mobile application

For System Administrators
  • Uninstall PostmanHD in Control Panel (Old version)
  • Install CSI PMA Bridge Setup
  • Open Postman HD application and Create database.. Add Supervisors/Operators.
  • Replace PostmanHD.exe from ‘CSI PMA Bridge 2.1’ folder to ‘C:Program FilesCEPTPostmanHD’
  • Create a new folder in C drive with name ‘CSI PMA Files’
  • Open PostmanHD
  • My Office->Environment
  • Browse path to C:CSI PMA Files and Give Pincode of the office in the next column.
  • Restart the Application
  • Home -> Register Device
  • Click on Connect, then the device id will be auto filled.(A pop up will appear in Mobile phone screen.Tick and Click on Approve)

Batch Number : BATCH1
Beat Number : B1 or B2 or B3 etc

  • Click on Sync with Central Server-> Sync devices
  • Click on ‘Sync’ button at the right side of each row..
  • Done
Phone Registration part is over

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