GS submitted views / comments on recommendations on cadre restructuring committee report to Directorate

Dear Comrades, 

As scheduled meeting for submission of views /comments on the draft Recommendation on Cadre Restructuring of Inspector Posts Cadre has been held on 9th February 2019 at New Delhi GPO – 110001. 

Following CHQ office bearers attended the meeting and took active part in the discussion.

  1. Shri Arup Kumar Seal, General Secretary. 
  2. Shri Ajith Kurian, Circle Secretary, Kerala Circle. 
  3. Shri Deepak Sharma, Circle Secretary, Uttarakhand Circle. 
  4. Shri Ram Narayan Singh, Circle Secretary, Delhi Circle. 
  5. Shri M J Sreenivas, Circle Secretary, Karnataka Circle. 
  6. Shri Y. Ventateshvarulu, Circle Secretary, Telengana Circle. 
  7. Shri B Srinivas, Vice President CHQ (Andhra Pradesh Circle)
  8. Shri P. Ajit Kumar, Vice President CHQ (Directorate)
  9. Shri G Babu, Circle Secretary, Tamilnadu Circle. 
  10. Shri J. K. Hingorani, Circle Secretary, Rajasthan Circle.
  11. Shri Anil Kumar, Circle Secretary, Bihar Circle. 
  12. Shri Chandan Kumar, Circle Secretary, Jharkhand Circle. 
  13. Shri Anup Kumar Giri, Circle Secretary, West Bengal Circle.
  14. Shri S.B. Kharat, Circle Secretary, Maharashtra Circle. 
  15. Shri Nirmalya Mitra, President West Bengal Circle.
  16. Shri Roop Chand, President Delhi Circle. 

The reply on the recommendations of cadre restructuring committee has been prepared after a long discussion and submitted to Shri P.K. Bisoi Sir, Member (P) on 11/2/2019. The copy of said letter is placed herein under for information.

 Yours sincerely,

Arup Seal
General Secretary


CHQ Qtr. No. 12, P & T Colony, Khurshid Square, Civil Lines, Delhi 110 054.

 Manjunatha G Hubballi
ASP(HQ), Haveri -581110
Mobile : 09449849271
Arup Kumar Seal
General Secretary
ASP(Plg) Project O/o CPMG, West Bengal Circle, Yogayog Bhawan, Kolkata-700012 Mobile : 09830711266, e-mail

No. GS/AIAIASP/09/2018                               Dated 11/02/2019

Shri A N Nanda,
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001

Sub :  Response of the Association on recommendation of the Committee for overseeing the prospect of augmentation promotional avenue – Cadre of IP/ASP

Ref: email received from Establishment Division, Dte dated 29th Jan 2019

Respected Sir,

In response to the email under reference it is to inform that the CHQ body of this Association comprising of Circle Secretaries of different Circe Branches of this Association met on 9th Feb 2019 in New Delhi and gone through the Draft Recommendation of the “Departmental Committee” on cadre restructuring of Inspector Posts Cadre  and decided to bring to your kind notice to consider the following points for active consideration with a pragmatic view.

    The CHQ has decided to propose for up-gradation of more number of PS Gr B posts from ASPs taking in to account the NFSG component instead of upgrading of PS Gr B posts to JTS since this Association has proposed up-gradation of 638 PS Gr B (including 300 NFSG Posts at Level 10) from ASP as per the proposal submitted by this Association (No. CHQ/AIAIASP/Cadre Restructuring/2016 Dated 19.09.2017 refers).

This Association urges upon to retain all the proposed upgraded posts confined to Seniority cum fitness quota only and such promotees to be allowed to be posted within the parent circle.

    What suggested in the draft recommendation by the “Departmental Committee” to restrict the promotional quota from IP line for five (5) years only that will give temporary relief obviously but immediately after expiry of five years much more number of posts of JTS will go to Direct Recruits(DR)  as long as the ratio of DP:DR = 50:50  exists in the RR of JTS.  This may be in put into ratio for DP: DR =75:25, if JTS element is enforced at all.

          No comments against para 3 of the draft recommendation of the Departmental Committee.
  1. It appears from Para 4 of the recommendation of the “Departmental  Committee” that one ASP post to be upgraded to PS Gr B post from upgraded Class- I Divisions, if enforced as per recommendation; one PS Gr- B post proposed to be upgraded from ASP from Class- I divisions having no PS Gr B post, one PS Gr-B post proposed to be upgraded in Upgraded Foreign posts and one post of PS Gr B in Circle Office as Manager(BD).

  1. In the issue of proposed merger of RMS Sub Divisions made in Para 5 of the draft recommendation by the “Departmental Committee” , this Association is of the opinion that any merger must have to be examined in view of the SIU norms.
     This Association appreciate Para 6 of the recommendation of the “Departmental Committee” for placing  the IPs in all Sub Divisions. In this context, it is also suggested to examine the re-organisation of Sub Divisions after implementation of Cadre Restructuring.

      Likewise Para 6 we appreciate the recommendation for up-gradation of all posts of In-Charge, CBS(CPC) to PS Gr B made in Para 7 of Draft Recommendation of “Departmental Committee”.

On up-gradation of CPCs, presence of ASP posts also to be considered for assistance of  the PS Gr B officers, considering the technical aspects.

    This Association appreciate the recommendation of up-gradation of In-Charge at National Speed Post Hub to Ps Gr B made at Para 8 of the Draft Recommendation of “Departmental Committee” as proposed in our said letter.   

     This Association  welcome  the recommendation of the “Departmental Committee” for their strong recommendation made in Para 9 for accepting our proposal of 10% Leave Reserve posts in IP, ASP and PS Gr B cadres.   

In view of the above this Association urges upon to take care of all the aspects as put forward by the Association with a pragmatic view and to implement the Cadre Restructuring at the earliest opportunity which has been denied decades together.
Thanking You in Anticipation.

Encl : Proposal of Association vide No CHQ/AIAIASP/Cadre Restructuring/2016 Dated : 19.09.2017 :

Yours sincerely, 

(Arup Seal)
General Secretary

Copy to :

  1. Member (P), Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001

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