Glorious 4th Circle Conference of AIAPC WB Circle held on 03-02-2019

Report on 4th Circle Conference of All India Association of Postmaster Cadre, W. B. Circle

Circle Conference

The glorious 4th Conference of All India Association of Postmaster Cadre, West Bengal Circle was organized on 3rd February’2019 at Conference Hall, 5th Floor of Barabazar HPO, Kolkata 700007. The auspicious inauguration was made by Sri Netai Chandra Mondal (President, AIAPC, W B Circle), Sri Himangshu Kumar Modak ( Circle Secretary, AIAPC, W B Circle) and Sri Arun Kumar Bal (President, CHQ, AIAPC) by lightening the Lamp of Knowledge. They conveyed their heartiest congratulations to all the Members of the Postmaster from remote corner of the Circle for their presence at the Conference to enrich the House.

The dignitaries at the Dias have shared their experience as how they knock the door of the Directorate and Seventh CPC to place the legitimate demands and issues of the Cadre. Sri Himangshu Kumar Modak has briefly described about key role of West Bengal Circle Committee in all India level during the last two years to achieve several benefits overcoming strong hurdles. He cleared the doubt on some burning issues raised by few members. Members became spellbound to hear the valuable speech of the Circle Secretary, W.B. Circle President and the CHQ President. They also convened the younger generations to come forward to take over the charge of the Association. It is urged to take initiatives to raise funds to bear the huge expenditure incurred regularly to run the Association.

Every Postmaster has expressed their concern over the upcoming aspects of the cadre. A healthy discussion was held in the meeting on all the issues of the cadre. Senior members of the House have emphasized on the unity of the Postmasters to strengthen and overcome the fight against all the evil forces trying to destroy the future of the cadre. They also advised to keep liaison with each other and the Association to solve day to day problems faced by Postmasters.

Next Circle Committee was unanimously elected by the members present in the House

President:- Sri Netai Chandra Mondal upto his retirement i.e. 31-12-2019 (Sri Bhaskar Dutta will take over the charge w.e.f. 01-01-2020)

Vice-President:- 1) Sri Bhaskar Dutta upto 31-12-2019.

2) Sri Sumitro Biswas. 

Secretary:- Sri Partha Sarathi Mandal

Asstt Secretary:- 1) Sri Arunava Mallick
2) Sri Prasun Mondal
3) Sri Neela Halder
4) Sri Kaushik Paul

Organizing Secretary:-1) Sri Soumitra Dutta
2) Sri Rajib Patua
3) Sri Kajal Mukherjee
4) Sri Sanjib Halder

Treasurer :- Smt Keka Ghosh
Asstt Treasurer:- Sri Subhrangshu Majumder
Auditor :- Sri Susanta Das 
Drafting Committee:- Sri Chandan Paul (Advisory Head)
Sri Partha Ghosh
Sri Kaushik Paul
Sri Subhrangshu Majumder
Smt Uma Manna

New committee has placed their Budget for 2019-2021 before the Hall. Delegates of West Bengal Circle for the next All India Conference were also selected by the Committee as:-

1) Sri Himangshu Kumar Modak
2) Sri Sanjay Talukdar
3) Sri Partha Sarathi Mandal
4) Sri Soumitra Dutta
5) Smt Keka Ghosh
6) Sri Sumitro Biswas

The conference ended with vote of thanks to all the members of Circle Working Committee, new delegates and all the Postmasters for their overwhelming response and active participation to make the Conference a Grand Success.

Pictorial presentation of the conference:-
Circle Conference
Circle Conference

Circle Conference
Circle Conference

Circle Conference
Circle Conference

Circle Conference

Circle Conference
Circle Conference

Circle Conference

Circle Conference

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