From the desk of general secretary, all India association of postal supervisors

Compiled the following significant things, happened during 2018 under the banner of AIAPS

1. Year 2018 was started with many challenges in front of us, since even after secty Posts meeting, minutes copy was not provided by saying more than 3 agendas discussed and 7 AIAPS members were participated in the secty posts meeting dated 25/7/17. Meetings with directorate officers are not only to discuss the things but to get solutions to our prolonged issues. So aggrieved with that reply of the directorate, during January 2018 filed an OA at Hon’ble chennai CAT and got court direction to give the minutes copy for the same Secty Posts meeting discussion dated 25.7.17 within 12 weeks.

2. So immediately PM CR proposal is initiated on 31.01.2018.

3. During April 2018 more members were enrolled and new aiaps divisions were also constituted through out the circles.

4. During May 2018, West Bengal Circle was formed newly with AIAPS. I had personally attended the WB conference, which was arranged neatly.

5. During July 2018, attended nicely arranged kerala conference and Kerala was also formed newly with AIAPS body. Both WB, Kerala are tough to form with AIAPS and that was also achieved because of our unity.

6. At last because of court direction and continuous letters, on 25.7.18 refused minutes copy was supplied by the directorate to us. 

7. In that minutes, Dte agreed to allow PM cadre officials also for PS Gr B posts in written assurance. It is definitely a big achievement since before AIAPS formation upto Supreme court appeal Department denied to allow PM cadre officials to PS Gr B posts. Once PS Gr B RR amendment is gazette notified from next exams, PMs can write PS Gr B exams.

8. Many written assurances like PM CR, Periodical meeting also given to us.

9. On 31.05.2018, our dynamic leader Shri.R.Rajendran was retired on superannuation. He was the person struggled a lot to unite all PMs of Tamilnadu. To give tribute to his 5 years efforts felicitation function arranged to him at Cuddalore in a grand manner.

10. At TN-CWC I was given with additional charge of Circle Secty of Tamilnadu circle and discharging the duties of TN also with the support of AIAPS TN team.

11. During October 2018, All India Central working committee meeting was held at New Delhi in a HiFi manner and delegates, circle secretaries of various circles had participated and graced the CWC with their important points to implement the same by AIAPS CHQ.

12. October 2018 was very significant month and had important meeting with DG Posts madam on 4.10.2018. In that meeting many PM cadre pending issues were discussed including 3% fitment pay benefit.

13. Our benevolent lady officer DG Posts madam had sanctioned 3% fitment pay benefit on 15.10.2018 from the date of joining in PM cadre. Nearly 1000s of Postmasters shall get more than Rs.1 lakh arrears including retired PMs.

14. Besides that DG madam constituted a ten members committee on 12.10.2018 to redress all the grievances faced by the PM cadre including PM Cadre restructure. In Postal history this is the first a 10 IPS ranked officers was constituted with a committee to redress single PM cadre issues.

15. Attended Andhra Circle conference on 16th December 2018 which was arranged in a grand manner.

16. On 20.12.2018 attended PM committee meeting and had healthy bilateral discussion for nearly 3 hours.

17. To protect the rights of PM III senior officials, during December 2018 got stay order at Chennai CAT for HSG I NFG and one time service condition relaxation HSG II and HSG I promotions and to complete PM cadre committee recommendations within 4 weeks.

18. During all the visits to Delhi, west bengal, Kerala, Andhrapradesh gained so many affectionate friends, brothers and sisters. That is the asset i am gaining day by day which is precious than anything.

19. Above all from divisional level to directorate level, we are getting formal meetings at various circles to resolve our grievances. Many got transfers to their native places, got required infrastructure, staff shortage were addressed at many circles under the banner of AIAPS. While sanctioning leave and recommending all the things to P3 staffs by supervisors, why should supervisors should defend P3 staffs?

20. Further 2019 is also going to begin with so many challenges to our cadre and as well as to the department including the threats like IPPB Ltd company, Insurance company and Parcel segregation from Postal Board. To protest against those, doors of AIAPS is always opened to other unions to make the joined struggles. To upheld that words AIAPS will participate two days national wide strike along with other unions.

21. Unity is the need of the hour, like IP/ASP association we also need to be united at 23 circles under single recognized roof, to get success in legal battles and as well as trade union facilities.

22.Let’s join our hands to make our hit more stronger.

23. With 100% unity only, 100% success can be attained. So CHQ requests every members to add 5 more members during this April 2019 campaign.

24. AIAPS conveys deep regrets to the passed souls of postal community, people of India and to the affected people by various calamities happened during 2018.

25. AIAPS conveys our special wishes and prayers to the retired postal officals, AIAPS leaders during 2018 for their peaceful and prosperous retirement life.

*26. All AIAPS circle secretaries requested to list out such significant happenings during 2018 under AIAPS* to create the awareness among members and other officials.

27. AIAPS CHQ having so many new assignments in the upcoming 2019, including 2 days strike on 8 & 9.1.2019 to protect our govt department against corporatization.

28. As a GS, on behalf of our CHQ team I convey my heartfelt profound regards to all the members, PMs, Supervisors for being the backbone of our every steps. Pl continue this fighting capacity tempo ever. 2019 is definitely ours with the blessings of the almighty and our hard and smart work.

Have a great new year 2019 ahead. Wish you all very happy, prosperous and healthy new year 2019.

Affectionately yours
– K.KaliMuthu, PM Grade II,General Secretary,AIAPS CHQ, Chennai 600086

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