33rd All India Postal Cultural Meet 2018-19 at PTC, Vadodara – Events on 2nd day (23.01.2019)

The 33rd All India Postal Cultural Meet 2018-19 started on 22.01.2019 by integrating the diversified Arts of postal Employees on one platform at Postal Training Centre Vadodara. Today on 23.01.2019, Participants participated with full capacity of talent and enriched the atmosphere with joyfulness. The details of the Cultural Events performed by the Participants & the Names of the Winners are as under:

All India Postal Cultural Meet
All India Postal Cultural Meet
All India Postal Cultural Meet
All India Postal Cultural Meet
All India Postal Cultural Meet
Date Events Winner
23.01.2019 Hindustani Instrumental Music Sitar Sr. 1. Asit paul  (WB Circle)
2. Manisha Nagpal ( Haryana Circle)
Hindustani Instrumental Music Guitar Sr. 1. Uttam Bhattacharyaji ( Assam Circle)
2. Omkar Dash ( Odisha Circle)
3. Smriti Dihaskar ( Bihar Circle)
Hindustani instrumental Music Flute Sr. 1. Ashok Talukdar ( Assam Circle)
2. Mohanlal Dorasiya ( MP Circle)
3. B P Pathak (Maharashtra Circle) 
Hindustani instrumental Music Flute Jr. 1. Nidhishree M D ( Karnataka Circle)
Hindustani instrumental Music Pakhavaj Sr. 2.Ratnakar Lenka ( Odisha Circle)
Hindustani instrumental Music Tabla Sr. 1. Rupesh Fatak ( Gujarat Circle)
2. Tanmoy Paul ( WB Circle)
3. Kamalkant Khandelwal (MP Circle) 
Hindustani instrumental Music Tabla Jr. 1. Aniket Paul ( WB Circle)
2. Ansh  ( Bihar Circle)
3. Master Reajon John (Maharashtra Circle) 
Mono Acting Sr. 1. Tarun Kumar  ( WB Circle)
2. Miss Rashi Kashyap (Punjab Circle)
3. Manasha Hegde (Karnataka Circle) 
Mono Acting Jr. 1.Spandana B( Karnataka Circle)
2. Miss Varadha  ( Kerala Circle)
3. Master Ansh  (Bihar Circle) 

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