Representation against the provisional key in LGO examination dated 09.12.2018

Representation against the provisional key in LGO examination dated 09.12.2018

No.5, Moovendar nagar East, Madurai Reserve Lines SO,
Madurai 625014 (Tamilnadu State)
Cell 9443329681

The candidates,
LGO Examination dated 09.12.2018.

Respected candidates,
Sub: Correct answer of the question related to “Recall of articles” in the Paper II (LGP) Postal Assistants

There is a question in Paper II Question Booklet Series: D
Question No. 21. Recall of articles can be permitted by: 
(a) Regional PMG (b) Postal Divisional Superintendent
(c) Head Postmaster (d) Delivery Sub Postmaster

Answer given by the provisional key provided by the Department is
(b) Postal Divisional Superintendent
But the correct answer is (d) Delivery Sub Postmaster.
I am enclosing the copy of the Postal Directorate Letter No 23-2/RP-CI dated 31.08.1990 communicated by the SSPOs, Chennai City North Division Chennai 600 023 which is reproduced below:-
Correction Slip No. 2 P&T Manual Volume VIII/90. CI dated 31.08.90
Correction Slip to Rule 104 (2):

The following shall be substituted 104 (2) written application received from the sender desiring withdrawal / alternation of address of the article posted by him in India along with the prescribed fee in the shape of postage stamps and statement of reasons for withdrawing / altering the address of the article has to be examined by the PM / SPM if satisfied with the reasons given, will grant permission for withdrawing / alternation of address as the case may be.

Hence in future, the re-call application may be examined by the SPM concerned and issued permission for re-calling the articles at their end.

Copy of the above ruling is enclosed. The ruling copy is in faint condition.

The candidates who answered as “Recall of articles may be permitted by Delivery Sub Postmaster” may represent against the provisional key as per the direction given by the Department.

Madurai -625014 Yours faithfully

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