How to apply GPF Withdrawal after Pay roll out to CSI?

I think all are known about this. We are enter another step in CSI this month onwards.

How to apply GPF Withdrawal: 

After go live of payroll i.e after credit of december salary, pls check GPF balance.

GPF balance to be checked in the below T-code: 


Go to Reports – GPF ledger – execute. Confirm the correctness of GPF balance. 

  • For applying GPF withdrawal, employee have to login in to employee portal – Employee self service – Employee payment – GPF withdrawal – Fill amount – Reason – remarks and submit. 
  • For Single hand SPMs – The request will go for approval to Div head. For postman of sub offices, IP has to forward to Div head. For HO staffs, Postmaster has to forward to Div head. Div head to approve the request in SAP. Just as hierarchy for applying leave.
and all are request to authorize ZHR_PAYSLIP menu for generating pay slip.

  • After the GPF has been approved, the concerned DDO has to go to 

ZPY_MENU–>Active Employees–>GPF withdrawal–>GPF Withdrawal : Update and then press F8 or Execute to view the approved list. Then select the entries and click or process(execute icon).

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