जानिये CSI में आने वाली परेशानियों और उनके समाधान के बारे में

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ये भी पढ़िए :- CSI में अपना पासवर्ड कैसे बदलें

Problem How to rectify (solution) Remarks
1.       Server slow issues This to be solved by SIFI only
2.       PLI/RPLI figures not effecting in to Treasury. This is said that user mismatch of Mcmamish and CSI. Even user matched cases also the problem continuing. TCS temporary solution is to made legacy adjustments at Pos. ** one or two occasions the legacy adj. is ok. But daily PLI/RPLI collections the operation of  Legacy adjustments is not correct. This is inconvenient  to the PLI customers.
3.       Pos (point of sale) figures are Jumping (plus and minus) due to net work issues. Results Wrong figures in TCB. This is to be solved by using T-code_ F-02. Cse(i) : If Pos balance is taken wrong by system as  double entry or more etc.  This has to be adjusted  use Tcode  F-02.

  Doc:Type  SK
  40  DOP 486710010
  50  POS  486710011

Case(ii): If POS balance is less
T code: F-02
Doc: type :SK
40 POS   486710011
50 DOP  486710010
**** USE    :: T-CODE IN SAP (OR) GL VOUCHER POSTING To correct your  TCB.

Check balance using ZFBL3N after execution.
4.       Invalid license  in POS, Back office etc. (Pos & back office not opening)
This is  coming after holiday
C: Postal Pos_BO run licsvc.bat then this problem solved
5.       Duplicate In back office another program is running .
6.       Opening balance/ CB not tallying  issues Above point 03 apply.
7.       How to Register bulk mailers in POS (prepaid bulk booking, Bulk booking options) The procedure for registration of  bulk mailers and allotment of regd no. is not familiar to staff. It involves upload floppy menu but how to register bulk mailer and whom will register is issue.
8.       At Pos coutner: each and every Regd letter booking ACK check up. This ACK check up for every letter is not required. It has to be modified by TCS This consumes time.
9.       There is no separate branch like Regd, Speed, Parcel etc. Only Batch1 , Batch2 supplied by TCS. But in post offices there is a branch for Regd, speed, parcel. When articles are invoiced in Batch 1 all articles to be taken in this batch only at the time of Post man returns. This is not fit with present scenario of Branches. Batches with  Batch01:regd, Batch:01Speed, Batch:01 parcel etc modification required. 
10.   No provision or  CD Letter or Parcel ordinary mail cash. Such a provision required under treasury Like Miscellaneous receipts head.
11.    How to deliver bulk mailers in DPMS This facility was not available This  provision is highly required and staff facing problem while delivery of bulk mail to banks/ Karvey/ Universities / RTI s etc.
12.   In DPMS : Missent / return articles flow to back office are not at a time. Solution required.  The flow from SAP to back office  for this case is inconvenient to staff For closing single bag  un necessarily  more bangs are closing by staff.
13.   For non matching of Mccamish in some Post offices  the figures are not reflecting to POS (Point of sale).  Cash adjustments are doing in Sanchay post legacy posting. For accounting point of view cash is reflecting in TCB. This should be clarified by TCS/ D.O
14.   T-code: Zfbl3n:  TCB print out is not compatible. Staff are not in a position to take print out of  TCB.
15.   Clarification required Whether VPMO rebooked  (or) Z-vpmo Upload is enough. Staff confusing whether to rebook VPMOs (or) not
16.   Transaction reports like, EMOs booking, telephone bills acceptance , emo paid etc required to  be Send to HO (or) not Clarification required.
17.   No provision for  UCR Excess cash found in transactions or other credits like black wax fee for PSD,  sale of old stock receipts etc required. This should be provided.
18.   NO provision for UCP Refund of Tender fee, EMD refunds requires UCP. This should be provided.
19.   In SSL  employees are not correctly attached to their offices. Some employees names are not appearing under SSL in SAP. No use if tickets are raised to TCS.
20.   Emploees portal; Wrong data entries Due to wrong data entries of DOB , DOE, DOR, Leave credits, employees not in position to apply leave through this portal Up to 80% data under this portal is incomplete/wrong entries.
21.   In DPMS the postman beat invoicing is programmed on BATCH based. Due to this Different users working in Same batch  invoiced RL,SP, RP coming to all users under same batch.  And all items can print in  single (or) can print for separate lists for RL, SP, RP etc.  i.e one user data is accessible to other  to take return (or) modify. Rather than BATCH, USER BASED data access required. i.e other user cannot access one users entries.  (those who invoice is responsible to take returns also) This should be settled by TCS.
22.   Cancellation for VPMO rebooking provision This provision not provided . Whenever  emo booked with wrong amount then correction of entries only allows. Cancellation not provided.
23.   F&A:- Hyd city Dvn LSG/Gr-I and above postmasters have cheque drawal powers. RBI cqs  drawn and paid to the  customers. This provision is not available . The vendor should provide such a facility.
24.   Cheque request from HO procedure is cumbersome. More than 30 steps for single cq request.  For want of more cheques request entire time will waste. This steps should be minimized.
25.   CD letter mail amount  at treasury receive cash from postman issues:- In some case even cash from postman document generated items not reflecting in TCBS. The generated document nos amount for CD letter mails are not incorporating in TCBs for some cases. Mismatch of  data flow problem should be rectified.
26.   Stamp indent receipt process should be minimized.
27.   In ward / out ward cq clearing process required. Such a process is not followed at HO. Manual  OSLs posing under GL voucher posting template.
28.   Under GPO the POSB cqs are taken as material stock. Under K’bad such cqs are not taken under material balance. There is problem of  cq stock deduction under GPO offices.
29.   Clarification sought whether RBI cqs drawn power given to  some offices continues (or) not in CSI Clarification from DO/TCS required.
30.   NSP1 /NSP2 issues/ low band width etc SIFI provide solution
31.   UPS/ infrastructure problems UPS with back up facility required. 5kva  ups  repair which requires replacement of 16 batteries. Whenever power is gone all systems  facing rebooting problems.
32.   At Point of sale some office PIN codes are not accepting. Error message as the sender  city name and  PIN code is mismatch. Ex: if sender belongs to SNIE PO with pin code: 500018 This PIN code is not accepting . Booking at Pos stopping due to this.

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