When will the arrears get paid? – Dearness Relief


Payment of Pensions to Central Government and State Government Pensioners through Centralized Pension Processing Cell (CPPC)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

31. When will the arrears get paid?
Ans: Payment of arrears, on account of revision of pension etc., received at Centralized Pension Processing Cell (CPPC) of the Bank up to one week before last date of a month, will normally be made along with monthly pension.

32. How the payment of Dearness Relief at revised rate is to be paid to the pensioners?
Ans: Whenever any additional relief on pension/family pension is sanctioned by the Government, the same is intimated to the agency banks for issuing suitable instructions to their pension paying branches for payment of relief at the revised rates to the pensioners without any delay. The orders issued by Govt. Departments are also hosted on their websites and banks have been advised to watch the latest instructions on the website and act accordingly without waiting for any further orders from RBI in this regard.

33. Where can a pensioner get information about the changes in the pension/ Dearness Relief or any pension related issue?
Ans: The pensioner can visit the Official Website of the concerned Government Department as also Reserve Bank of India Website (www.rbi.org.in) to get the information about pension related issues.

34. Can pensioners get pension slips?
Ans: Yes, monthly pension slip is automatically sent to the pensioner’s e-Mail ID if available with the Bank. In other cases pension slip can be obtained by the pensioner from any pension paying branch.

35. How to get SMS for the details of monthly pension
Ans: To get SMS Pensioner has to visit Pension Paying Branch (Home Branch) with request to upload his/her Mobile number in the Pension Application Software. Pensioner can get the details of monthly pension such as Basic Pension, D.A., Medical Allowance, Other Allowances, Commutation, Income Tax, Net Pension credited and the date of credit along with amount of commutation and gratuity paid through SMS from State Bank of India on regular basis.

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