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   Dinamalar press (Nagercoil edition) report dated 30th October 2018 ny Shri Krihna Sharma Chief Editor on the subject “POST CARD READY” ……”WELCOME TO GREET”… with a  Centenary Post Card 1879-1979, Posted at Simila
POST CARD READY- Welcome to greet……
        India Post had effected many changes but the  “Letter Box” was remained in.  For Posting letters we used to post in letter box only and there is no change in this system till date.  Though there are many technologies were introduced and the changes are not as much.  Till date the postman were delivering the letters  door to door with their usual calling slogan as “ Sir Post”  What it change?…  Those days delivery effected by walk.. after that they used delivery by bicycle… nowdays  using bikes.  That’s all the difference.
        Post card system is till alive since then the India Post had  introduced it.  Till date the private establishments are in the habit of sharing their information through these postcard to its members, customers, subscribers including all without any change.  Though the offices had many changes in technology but it had not changed the postcard facility and a proud to the India Post by not changing the postcard system till date.  Nowadays commomerative post card also issiuing for commemorating the important events.
        Nowadays the post cover in India Post was became famous.  Now it is very offer to get Rs 5.  A cover(special) contained the picture of Mathur hanging trough of Kanniyakumari district had came out.  Similarly to release of postal cover on an important occasions/events, India Post is ready to do so.  Such covers which are memorable events for ever.
       India Post had updating new technologies in the savings scheme according to their needs from time to time. At present Passport services, Banking services as such many services are increasing day by day.  Thus by providing such services resulted visiting customers to the post office  not only increased but also revenue to the goverment increased, in keeping these points by the India Post. 
      By the way of conducting Regional and National levels letter writing competition would attract many people to visit towards post offices by announcement of prizes at Regional and National levels.  Thus the school students to senior citizens shoud had to be visited to post offices for the purpose.  The India Post had effectively functioning by keeping in view of all students to senior citizens should have to visit to Pos.  By conducting such competition, the public must know about stamps, post cover, inland letters etc and also useful to the India Post in many ways.  Similarly India Post by conducting drawing competition, philately exhibition will be memorable events and also increase knowledge among the students for all those who participated in.
      India Post is functioning with its one amoung  the biggest employees in the National level.  At present one’s should shared greetings in Whatsapp repeatedly shared situation is arising.  Otherwise, by downloaded picture with mixed messages forced to send as greetings.  Recent past, the public had it their own words and handwritten greeting post available for sale.  One should to make greet in different angles in different issues.  Deepavali, Christmas, New Year, Pongal  etc festive occasion India Post had issuedGREETING POST CARDS stock  by keeping all such festive occasions.  How the POST BOX is till available?  at the same time festive seasonal greetings post card also should be made available to public across the PO counter.   At least  spend a little mony to maintain the heritage history of the RED LETTER BOX near by bome by frequent posting of greeting short message in postcards would have to write it  ?   Once the post card was reached the addressee and no limit for the emotions and joys at the both ends.

(Press report shared  and translated in English by P.Anil kumar, Marketing Executive, Kanniyakumari Division, Thuckalay-629175, Mob: 94421198155 email:

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