Pensioner Need a Separate Account?


Payment of Pensions to Central Government and State Government Pensioners through Centralized Pension Processing Cell (CPPC)
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Can any pensioner draw his/her pension from SBI?
Ans: Yes, a pensioner can draw his/her pension from a SBI Branch if he/she is a Central/State Govt. Pensioner or Autonomous Body, which has arrangement for pension payment with our Bank.

2. Can the pensioner draw his/ her pension through a Bank Branch?
Ans: Yes. Even the Government employees earlier drawing their pension from a Treasury or from a Post Office will have the option to draw their pension from the authorized Bank’s Branches

3. Where will the Pensioner open his/her pension account?
Ans: The pensioner will open his/her SB/CA account at the Branch of his/ her choice/ convenience (Home Branch) as hitherto.

4. What should a retiring person do to draw his/her pension from a SBI Branch?

Ans: The retiring person should open an account with a SBI Branch and advise this Account number and Branch to the concerned Pension Sanctioning Authority for release of his/her pension.

5. Is it necessary for the pensioner to open a separate pension account for the purpose of crediting his/ her pension in authorized bank?
Ans: The pensioner is not required to open a separate pension account. The pension can be credited to his or her existing savings/current account maintained with any Branch of the Bank selected by the pensioner.

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