BO CSI – Day to day Operations Flow Chart

1.Power on the device and wait for 15min for network searching. 

2. Login using Biometric 

3. Day Begin 

Demobooking>Day Begin>Confirm today’s date and click on OK 

4. Bag Open 

Dell Apps>Bag Open>Scan Bag Barcode>Receive all Articles>Click on OK>Scan BO Slip>Click on OK>Receive Cash,Stamp,Document and Submit 

5.Invoice emo to GDS MD 

Dell Apps>Invoice>Click on Scanner Icon and enter number of emos to be scanned>Scan one by one emos 

6.Cash to GDS MD 

Dell Apps>Click three lines on top>Select Cash>Cash to GDS MD>Select eMO>Submit 

7.Book Counter Transactions like RL,Parcel,Speed,eMO, ePayment, SB Transactions,PLI-RPLI Transactions. 

8.eMO and Article Delivery 

Dell Apps>Select the article type>Untick All–.Tick one by one delivered articles and click on submit 

9. eMO and Article Returns 

Dell Apps>Select eMO/Registered Letter/Registered Parcel/Speed Post. Click on Returns and enter remarks for articles one by one 

10.Cash return from Postman 

Dell Apps>Click three lines on top>Select Cash>Cash From GDS MD>Select eMO>Submit 

Same step is to be repeat if there are COD or VP. Article type to be select as Letter or Parcel 

11.CBS PLI Tool 

Demo Booking>CBS/PLI>Enter the head wise transactions and click submit 

12.Day End 

Demobooking>Day End>Confirm today’s date and click on OK 

13.Daily Account generation 

Demo Booking>BODA Report>Request required cash for next day>Accept Liability or send excess cash>Enter Cash Bag Weight>Daily account can be viewed>Click on print. 

14.Bag Close 

Dell Apps>Bag Close>Click on Fetch Articles> 

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