Visiontek GL-11 POS Terminal – Upgradation to be done for supplying the DARPAN devices to Branch Post Office in INDIA POST [RURAL Device]

Visiontek GL-11 POS Terminal has the following features and some optional features.


OS: Linux
Memory : 512MB
Communication : GSM with GPRS – UMTS which was introduced 2006.

Users in deployed networks can expect a transfer rate of up to 384 kbit/s for Release ’99 (R99) handsets (the original UMTS release)

Actually the following optional features may be enabled based on the requisition of buyers:


Operating System : Linux(3.0.35)/ANDROID(4.4.2)**
Memory       : *RAM 512 MB Upgradable upto 1GB; Flash 8GB (Internal)
Communication Modules :
*a) LAN 10/100 BASE-T; Standard RJ45 connection
*b) Quad Band: GSM/GPRS/EDGE; Dualband:UMTS/HSPA+SMA female antenna connection
*c) Wi-Fi with b/g/n supports
Micro SD (upto 16GB)
2 SAM Slots
*SIM Slots

The supplied Visiontek GL-11 perform too slow due to the low RAM Capacity which is 512MB and network band. The RAM should be enhanced to 1GB and the optional feature of 4G should be enabled to perform the transactions without network interruptions. Moreover, the network test should be done with qualified Network engineer and the two good signal SIM should be provided to the Device based on network test.

The following optional features should be enabled for smooth functioning of Branch Post Offices:
1. 1 GB RAM
2. 4 G Network
3. 2 SIM Slots – Both SIM should active with good Signal Coverage. 
4. WIFI Enabled

Note: Secured WIFI may be installed in the Account Offices for completing the day to day work of Branch Post Offices at Sub/Head Post Office in case of network issue.

* – Optional Features – can be enabled in VISIONTEK GL-11 POS Terminal.

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