Grant of one Increment on 01.01.2016

This article is regarding grant of one increment on 1.1.2016, on the date of implementation of 7th CPC in some cases. 

In this connection, the following communications may be referred to.
1.       Rule 10 of CCS (RP) Rules 2008
2.       Rule 10 of CCS (RP) Rules 2016
3.       Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure F.No. 4-21/2017-IC/E. III(A) dated 31.7.2018.
4.       Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure no 1/1/2008-IC dated 19.3.2012.
The 6th CPC introduced a uniform date of increment on 1.7 of each year. If an employee completes 6 months’ of service as on 1.7 of any year, he would be granted an increment. 
After implementation of 6th CPC, those officials who have drawn their last increment in 5th CPC regime between 1.2.2005 and 1.6.2005 were also granted their first increment after 6thCPC on 1.7.2017, after completion of more than 12 months. Considering this fact of waiting for more than 12 months, orders were issued vide reference 4 cited above. As per this order, those who have drawn their increment in 2015 between 1.2 and 1.6 were granted an increment on 1.1.2006 in the pre revised scale and they their pay had been fixed as per 6th CPC fixation formula. Thus, their interest had been protected.
There is another set of employees who were put into a loss consequent on the introduction of uniform increment. Those officials who joined service during the 6th CPC regime, between 2.1 and 30.6 were on the losing side. For example, the employee who joined service on 3.1.2007 was granted his first increment only on 1.7.2008 as the official did not complete 6 months’ service on 1.7.2007. Thus this official had waited for more than 12 months for getting his first increment. These officials are also on the same footing of the officials mentioned in the pre para.
Now as per the communication cited 3 above, the officials who are appointed or promoted on 1.1 or 1.7 are guaranteed for their first increment after completion of 6 months.
In the light of the above, those officials who have joined service between 2.1 and 30.6 of any year during the 6th CPC regime, should be granted one increment on 1.1.2016 in the pre revised scales (6th CPC scales) and then their pay should be fixed as per 7th CPC fixation formula.
 This will render justice to those employees.
I hope the Government will consider this case and cause issue a similar order on the same lines of the order dated 19.3.2012 considering the facts of this case.
Thanking you
Article by :
Shri. R.Hariharakrishnan,
Postal Stores Depot,
Tirunelveli 627002, Tamilnadu

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