SOP for incorporating TNF location transactions

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SOP for incorporating TNF location transactions
There are certain TNF locations where SIFY is not able to provide the network. Ideally, these offices should be provided connectivity. However as a temporary workaround this suggestion is only to incorporate transactions of these offices into the India Post database.
Looking at the current environment, we come across two types of TNF locations; One location where we have BSNL broadband and the office is using all modules of Meghdoot with finacle and Mccamish also working or Sanchay Post is being used for SB transactions; other, where no form of network exists and no automation has taken place in this office – all transactions are manual. 

Suggestion will be for these two locations

  • These offices will be assigned facility IDs, profit and cost centres
  • Employees working in these offices will be assigned employee IDs in CSI
  • Authorisation will be given to nearby offices (cash office or HO) to post remittance and other transactions for this office – this office will be responsible for entering all transactions
  • As part of the rollout, the GL balance and material balance of this office will be captured in CSI system; If BOs exist under this SO, data of these BOs will also be captured
[TCS Remark : Material balance will not be required as TNF locations inventory will not be managed by CSI system at TNF locations ]
  • CSI will configure these offices as attached office in POS also including BOs
  • If any contractual customers exist, they should be requested to transact with nearby CSI office in case of manual office; if meghdoot and speednet exist, their bills will continue to be processed in speednet and meghdoot
[TCS Remark: Contractual bookings is recommend to be done through CSI offices as discounts based on the volumes are provided to the customers]
  • If the TNF locations are attached to bank for cash exchange, this should be discontinued and these offices should be placed in communication with HO/SO for cash requirements Offices with Meghdoot modules in operation with broadband connectivity
  • These offices will continue to use Meghdoot till migration to SIFY network
  • Articles received and dispatched will be handled in the usual manner in Postman/speednet and exchange of articles will be with the parent mail office /NSH –Data availability has to be continued as is being done currently for legacy data and tracking should be available
  • eMO booking and payment will also be attended using Meghdoot POS/eMO application /Postman module 
  • On completion of day’s transactions, these offices will send all accounting documents to attached office (preferably HO); remittance, if any will be sent to the defined cash office or HO; SO will maintain data of different types of stamps sold, prepare a list of stamps and stationery sold and submit the same in account bag; If BOs are available, BO stamp sale also to be reported similarly; On the days when there is sale, detail of stamp balance should also be sent for both SO and BOs
  • Month end posting at DAP is not recommended as it becomes a huge burden to classify vouchers day wise and post
[TCS : Posting can be done as per SOP]
  • In the HO, voucher posting will be done for this SO and its BOsnext day in the following steps
POS cash will never be operated for this office
  • For mail transactions, lump entry of PRC collections as available in Meghdoot daily account will be posted impacting DOP cash
  • Bulk entry of eMO value and commission will be captured impacting DOP cash
  • Sale of IPO and stamps – voucher posting will be done; Details of sales and day end inventory will be shared with TCS for backend updation – However, if these offices are configured as attached offices in POS (similar to configuration of BOs in SOs), sale posting can be done at the HO and inventory updation and GL posting will automatically happen
[TCS Remark: Sales revenues will be captured through custom Voucher posting, Inventory management through CSI can’t be done for TNF locations. POS cannot be used for TNF locations]
  • If franking machines exist voucher posting of recharge amount will be done; copy of SOMs sent by the PO to be mailed to CSI for updating in the system – If this is not feasible, franking machine customers to be moved to nearby CSI office
  • In case of IPO payment, GL posting will be done
  • In case of FSI transactions (Finacle and Mccamish), voucher posting or file upload will be done after comparing daily account transactions with vouchers received for both SO and its BOs
  • Remittance transactions will be processed as in the case of SOs exchanging remittance with BOs – no need to use RSAO; Workflow authorizations will be appropriately given
  • A single entry of entire eMO payment will be done impacting DOP cash
  • In case of COD and VP collections – this would have been already processed in Meghdoot and data exchanged with central server; For COD delivery only voucher posting should be done impacting DOP cash; no entries are required for VP collections as it is already included in eMO booking; if not included in eMO booking and manual VPMO is booked, entry of MO booking impacting DOP cash with appropriate GL code should be entered
  • In case of other collections like epayment, ePost, UCR items, unpaid collections, customs duty etc., voucher posting will be done impacting DOP cash
  • In case of payments like bills paid in cash, UCP or other items, voucher posting will be done impacting DOP cash
  • Payroll postings need not be done as payment through bank for both salary and GPF are centrally posted; For other small bills like TA bill etc., if accounts are not credited, rolls to be generated and sent to the SO physically for effecting payment
  • Pension payment will also be centralised
  • After such posting is completed, ZFR_day and zfbl3n reports should be generated for these offices and checked with the meghdoot daily account to confirm if the accounts are tallied; A copy of both these documents should be sent to SO and BO concerned; Thereafter HO should go ahead with distribution of vouchers and carry out prescribed checks; If attached SO is doing this work, the account bag of concerned SO should be submitted to HO alongwith its own account bagOffices working manually
  • In case working manually above procedure as in Meghdoot offices can be carried out with 
  • following changes
  • No PRC entries are required to be made
  • No eMO booking entries
  • MO booking entries (bulk entry) for value and commission will be done
  • eMO payment posting will be done
  • In case of articles legacy bag should be received in IPVS in mail office and NSH and tracking should be available from this point

HR functions

  • Employees will move to the nearby office to apply for leave and the same will be processed as in the case of offices in CSI; To avoid inconvenience to employees an android app similar to service desk can be designed
[TCS remark: This is new requirement for CSI. If required , CSI can analyze it later]
  • They can also apply for payment transactions like GPF, TA, CEA etc., On processing, if the amount is credited to their account no entries are required at the PO or HO; In case of payments to be made in cash, HO will generate acquittance roll and send to SO for payment; Necessary authorization will be given to HO for this purpose
  • Salary run need not run at HO level and their payroll will also be processed as in case of other employees

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