Live Account Report Generation

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Live Account Report Generation

1.       Common_No Of Live Accounts” report should be generated from MIS server only.  
2.       HACS  / HACSP menu should not be used for generating live accounts report
3.       This report should be generated on or after 3rd of the month for the previous month ie Live account report for May 2018 should be generated on or after 03rd of June 2018 .  This report should not be generated on 1st or 2nd as data refresh and relevant table updation will get completed on 3rd.
4.       Live account report generated for May 2018 on or after 03rd of June will remain static till end of the month.
5.       Patch for correcting discrepancies in CB and OB is deployed only for the month of May 2018. CB of May 2018 is expected to be OB of June 2018 in the report generated on or after 3rd July 2018. We have taken up with Infosys for execution of this batch job for earlier periods to resolve the OB, CB differences. We will update once patch has been executed for earlier months.
6.       Discrepancies if any in OB and CB might be due to transfers initiated but verified in next month, account opened but verified in next month, etc. POs are requested to avoid such occurrences.
7.       Silent batch job will get initiated only during EOY interest run and hence silent figure should not be available in every month except cases where the user has marked silent manually.
8.       It is requested to kindly revert discrepancies if any in the live account after following the above instructions.

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