Bulk Booking of Articles in CSI Point of Sale through Excel File Upload

Excel templates are available in CSI Point of Sale software (POS>> Business Services >> Upload Bulk/Upload Prepaid Bulk >> Click “?” help icon on the top right >> Click link in Web page) which can be copied and used for uploading of Bulk articles received from BNPL customers and Prepaid articles (affixed with PS, FM, SS) received from various bulk customers/Bulk Postal Service letters 
Most of the Data like Name, Address 1, Address 2, Destination City, PIN codes, Mobile numbers are provided by the most of the bulk BNPL customers/ prepaid bulk senders in Excel files through email/CD as these basic data are already available with them in their system/database.
Few bulk customers also include Article Barcode numbers in the Excel sheet provided by them, if barcode series already supplied to them.
Using those basic data, we may have to carry out certain COPY, PASTE, EDIT, FORMAT works only in prescribed Excel templates for making the file ready for uploading.
Only very few customers who are not using system generally refuse to provide above said basic data in Excel file. For those articles only we may be supposed to prepare Excel template. 
In such cases, 
Doing Data entry of Articles data in Excel template itself is the easier one comparing to using various data entry tools meant for creating bulk templates. 

Advantages of doing Data entry in Excel template itself: 

1) Sl.No., Reference number, weight, Prepaid mode, FM license ID, SOM Numbers all can be easily filled in Excel by using just drag down (fill series/ copy cells) option in Excel as the case may be.
2) Barcode numbers can be scanned continuously as after scanning each and every article, cursor automatically move to next cell in lower row. Scanning of articles can be easily done in Excel file (Sequence of articles should not be shuffled till successful upload of articles).
3) Moving from one cell to another is very easy (by using enter / navigation arrows) while doing Data entry in Excel template when comparing to tedious data entry process in Point of sale / Any other Data entry tool similar to point of sale booking screen.

Caution :

1) Sequence of articles while doing Data entry and scanning articles should be same. Should not be shuffled at any cost till uploading in POS bulk upload.
2) PIN code field has to be uniformely changed to number format (using format cells).

3) Always save the Excel in “.xls” file format. Please don’t save in “.xlsx” file format.
4) Tally total number of articles before uploading.
5) Delete any other additional rows/columns (with any data) unknowingly available below actual rows to be uploaded.
6) Please don’t type name/address more than 40 characters as prescribed.
7) All mandatory fields should be filled in the template (SL.No, Ref No., Barcode no., Name, Address 1, Address 3, City, PIN, weight). For prepaid bulk, mode of prepaid, Prepaid amount should be entered. For FM prepaid bulk, FM license ID and SOM should be additionally entered.

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