Regarding withdrawal of guidelines for allotment/re allotment of Postal Service Group “B” officers

Regarding withdrawal of guidelines for allotment/re allotment of Postal Service Group “B” officers from one Circle/Unit to other Circle/Unit and restoration old transfer policy.

No. CHQ/AIAIASP/2018-2020/13. 18.06.2018.

The Director General(Posts)
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001.

Subject : Regarding withdrawal of guidelines for allotment/re allotment of Postal Service Group “B” officers from one Circle/Unit to other Circle/Unit and restoration of old transfer policy.

Respected Madam,
With due respect the association likes to draw your kind attention on the “Revised guidelines to be followed on allotment/re-allotment of Postal Service Group ‘B’ officers from one Circle/Unit to other Circle/Unit issued vide Dte circular No-9-23/2014-SPG dated 18-05-2018.The following points are placed below for sympathetic consideration and necessary action:-

1-That a policy on allotment of PS Group ‘B’ officers was in vogue since 23-03-2017 which has been amended on 18-05-2018 without operating the earlier guidelines. This guideline was in operation since 15-09-2014 and was amended after three years after taking into the considerations of welfare of the employees. It is surprisingly to mention that the policy issued on 23-03-2017 has been changed suddenly without inviting suggestions, views, and comments from stake holders, Head of circles and from the Association. It was in vogue to invite suggestions, views comments from the representatives to invoke such policies for the sake of employees and employers. The earlier policy issued on 23-03-2017 was welcomed by the association and its members as it was issued to accommodate the PS Group ‘B officers to their home Circle upto the extent possible and if not possible with respect to available vacancy in the particular Circle the officer will be allotted to nearby Circle. This policy has a positive aspect for the members/officers and it was felt that department is thinking for the welfare of their employees and setting up a rotation to create a good environment of working.

2. It is mention that the promotion of the PS Group ‘B’ cadre comes from the feeder cadre of IP/ASP who after serving more than 20-25 years and after reaching more than 40-45 years of age get this opportunity. We know that the age above 45 is vulnerable in every aspect where there is huge liability coming from all corners in terms of education of growing children, mental and physical support of old aged parents and health issues of spouse and self. The officer posted near the home town Division/Region able to manage all these affairs in emergent situations, but in the present policy guideline it would not be possible at all to address the situations as per need effectively. It is also worth to mention that an employee cannot said to have been a sound state a mind to deliver excellence devoted towards goal and objective of the department where there is un-stability, unsound condition of his family emerging from distant transfer liability. The family comprising of sons, daughters and old age ailing parents are often need a support of bread earner and spearhead of family.

3. The other point of this policy is to spare away the officer for three odd years from their root on the ground to meet the need for striking balance between requirement of the organizations and the personal aspiration of the officers. It is worth to mention that the basic idea has not substantially addressed on various aspect. So far as the aspirations of the officers are concerned it cannot overlap over the basic need of family maintenance within a good and dignified manner. So far as the requirement of the organization is concerned every officer /employee is devoted to the development of the department and dislocation at such point to such officers will not serve any purpose but to hamper the requirement of the organization. He will not be fully prepared to deliver cent percent in the dislocated area. We know that every dislocation has cascading effect cast a hardship to everyone and invite unforeseen problems.

4. The present policy state to focus on feeder cadre for promotion to JTS of IPOs Group ‘A’ and here are expected to get exposure by working in different Circle/Unit but it does not appears realistic because it equate with the avenues ,potentials enthusiasm of nascent entrant of Direct recruited officer in IPOs cadre. There is basic difference between officer of Direct recruit and promotes, as former has to develop and grow as an officer in the department with least count of liabilities blessed with new age, innovative ideas, new avenues and rising future but the latter with huge quantum of liabilities followed by the fast ageing, health issues, family affairs and least count of feather to fly nearly at the stage to set down in the horizon of avenues. It is worth to mention that so far as exposure in other Circle are concerned every Circle is full of exposure have potential to lead. If we throw light on the geographical situations of the some large Circles like U.P, M.P. Maharastra, Bihar, W.B., Rajsthan A.P. Tamilnadu, etc. forms a Circle within a Circle in terms of language ,accessibility of postal network a vast postal network inviting challenges before department to implement its policies. There is always a challenge, exposure to work in such a Circle in different capacities. If one can be allotted to U.P. Circle where there is seven regions and normal policy guideline of tenure transfer applies for 2 to 3 years one person with left out service of 15 to 20 years cannot be able to get opportunity to serve in the same region.

5. As the new policy has been issued in the month of May 2018 and if it is implemented for his academic session it would be against the model transfer guidelines. As per existing practice it was in vogue to invite request for choice station for posting and this process should be initiated well in advance so that it may be processed in the month of March to April and transferee would able to settle his family and get admission to their ward for the current session but as per scenario it would not be possible to implement it. If the department will implement the new policy of transfer to another Circle in the mid- session it would be detrimental to the interest of the officer and thereby they will suffer a lot.

6. It is mention that the supplementary result of LDCE of PS group ‘B’ for the year 2012 was declared on 26.02.2018 and result of examination held on 18.12.2016 was declared on 10-04-2018 after a long hurdles and at the time of its declaration the transfer and promotion policy was in existence which was issued in the year 2017.As such the allotment and promotion of newly passed officers may be operated as per existing policy of 2017.There is no viable justification to amend this policy in a haste to dislocate a lot number of officer in this year and in the coming years.

It is therefore requested kindly to review the complications described in the foregoing paras and consider sympathetically the pitiable condition of the officer and withdraw the new policy guideline issued on 18-05-2018 and issue allotment of newly promoted PS Group ‘B’ officers as per guidelines issued on 23.03.2017.

Your Sincerely

(Rajiv Kumar)
General Secretary.

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