New Instructions for HO on analysis of incorrect entries at SOs

As per the request placed with TCS during the VC held on 10th May, the provision of viewing the Trial Balance, for the HOs, SO s BOs and the DOs is activated by TCS.

With this, the Postoffices can save considerable time , which is now being spent on generating GL wise and date wuse reports

At a glance you can view the expenditure (Debits) and receipts(Credits), for a particular period, for all profit centres , that is HO +SOs under it or only of HO, or only of SOs…

As you desire..
The following Role delegations may be made:

The TCode to be used is :


The HOs may view this for So profit centres and analysis incorrect entries with the paid vouchers received. 

The paid vouchers if  HOs , SO s and BOs may be tallied with the figures shown in this report and then forwarded to PAO, 

If not tallying, the HO may check the reasons for non tallying and try to resolve the same before the period closure.

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