1.         The following which shall be the personal responsibility of the Head Postmaster:
a)         Deciding claims in respect of Savings Certificates of deceased holders which   lie within  his power of decision and the safe custody of records relating to such claims
(b)       Signing and submission of savings certificates returns to the Postal Accounts Office in  offices where there is no separate Selection Grade Official Incharge of the Savings Certificate branch.
c)         Sanctioning the transfer of savings certificates from one person to another.
            d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(2)
2.         Certificates of all types and denominations are printed and supplied by
            a)         Central Stock depot                                     b)         Central Store depot
            c)         Security press nasik                                                d)         None of the above   Ans:c(3)
3.         Certificates of all types and denominations are printed at the Security Press, Nasik, who supplies them to
            a)         Postal Stock depot                                       b)         Circle office
            c)         Circle stamp depot                                       d)         Head office               Ans:c(3)

4.         Kissan Vikas patra discontinued from
            a)         01 Nov 11                                                      b)         15  Nov 11
            c)         01 Dec 11                                                      d)         01 Jan 12                  Ans:d
5.         The invoice (NC-13) for supplying the Certificate prepare in
            a)         Duplicate                                                       b)         Triplicate       
            c)         Quadruplicate                                               d)         Single copy               Ans:b(3)
6.         The fortnightly consolidated list of certificates issued to POs should, be sent by _____to the ____
a)         Circle Stamp Depots, Circle postal accounts office
b)         Head offices , Postal account office
c)         Circle office , DG Post
d)         Circle office, Circle account office                                                                        Ans: a(3)
7.         All supplies of certificates received by Head and Sub Offices must entered in
            a)         The Daily dairy                                             b)         Daily account
            c)         The stock register(NC-12)                          d)         Cash book                 Ans: c(5)
8.         Surplus stock of certificates should never be held in HOs and SOs and should be returned to the supplying office. An invoice in form NC-13 shall be prepared in _____ by the S.O. and in ____ by the H.O
            a)         Duplicate, triplicate                          b)         Triplicate, duplicate
            c)         Quadruplicate, triplicate)                d)         Triplicate, quadruplicate     Ans:d (6)
9.         The yearly unsold certificate statement received from all SO by HO will be forwarded to
            a)         Circle stamp depot                           b)         Head of the circle
            d)         Postal Account office                      d)         Security press nasik                        Ans:d(7)
10.       The unclaimed certificates lying in the custody of the Postal Accounts Office are preserved for a period of
a)         30 years from the dates of maturity after which these become due for destruction
b)         30 years from the dates of issue after which these become due for destruction
a)         20 years from the dates of maturity after which these become due for destruction
b)         10 years from the dates of maturity                                                           Ans:a(8)
11.       When an application is received for the purchase of a certificate on behalf of a minor
a)         The certificate should be issued in the name of the minor
b)         The certificate should be issued in the name of the minor
c)         The application should be signed by an adult purchasing the certificates on behalf of a minor
d)         Both B and C                                                                                                            And:d(10)
12.       Payment for purchase of a certificate may be made by
            a)         Cash or cheque                               b)         Pay order or DD
            c)         Matured Certificate/SB Wdl            d)         All the above                         Ans:d  (11)
13.       The date of purchase of certificate when payment made by cheque will be
            a)         The actual date of cheque accepted by postmaster
            b)         The date of cheque accepted by the Head office
            c)         The date of when cheque received after clearance
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans:c 
14.       The Postmaster will grant the applicant a preliminary receipt in Form
            a)         NC 12                                                 b)         NC 4a
            c)         NC 5                                                   d)         NC 28                                     Ans:b
15.                   An index of preliminary receipt numbers issued will be maintained in Form ___ and kept in the custody of the ___
a)         MS-2, Postmaster                             b)         MS-15, Postmaster
b)         MS-15, SB PA                                  d)         None of these                       Ans:b
16.       The authorised agents 0eceipt books will be printed and supplied by the____, Nagpur, to the___          
a)         National Savings Commissioner, Postal Stores Depots
            b)         Security press Nasik, Circle stamp depot
            c)         Security press Nasik, PSD
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans:a(17)
17.       The Head and Sub Offices will prepare a “Journal of certificates discharged” in the prescribed form
a)         NC-18, NC18a                                  b)         NC-29, NC-29a
c)         NC-19, NC-19a                                d)         None of these                       Ans:c(33)
18.       On discharge of the certificate the office of payment must at once prepare an advice of payment for the office of registration in triplicate by carbonic process in form ____
            a)         NC 12                                                 b)         NC 4a
            c)         NC 10                                                 d)         NC 28                                     Ans:c(31)
19.       The holder (an adult and not a minor) of a certificate who desire to make a nomination will apply in
            a)         NC 36                                                 b)         NC 51
            c)         NC 10                                                 d)         NC 41                                     Ans:b(35)
20.       When an application for transfer of a certificate in the prescribed Form
a)         NC 12                                                 b)         NC 34
            c)         NC 32                                                 d)         NC 28                                     Ans:c(37)

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21.       A certificate may be transferred from one person to another after the expiry of ____ year from the date of issue of the certificate on the holder making an application in the prescribed form___
 a)         1 year, NC 12                                    b)         2 year, NC 34
            c)         1 year,NC 32                                     d)         1 year, NC 34                        Ans:d(38)
22.       In the following cases transfer is permissible even before the expiry of one year from the date of issue of the certificate
            a)         To a near relative out of natural love and affection
            b)         In the name of the heir of a deceased holder on the admission of his claim
            c)         Transfer in the name of the survivor in the event of the death of one of the joint 
            d)         All the above
23.       The holder of certificate may at any time on his making an application in Form NC-41 pledge the certificate to
            a)         The president of India                                 b)         The governor of the state
            c)         The reserve bank of india                          d)         All the above             Ans: d(39)
24.       When a certificate is unclaimed or remains undelivered at a H.O. or S.O. for any reason and all efforts to deliver the same to the holders have failed, the same will be sent by the _____ for safe custody to the ____ alongwith the monthly returns
a)         HO, Postal account office                          b)         SO, Postal account office
c)         HO, Circle stamp depot                               d)         None of these           Ans:a(40)
25.       If a certificate is spoilt before issue
a)         Retuned to Circle Stamp depot duly attached to the monthly journal of certificates issued
b)         Retuned to Circle offece depot duly attached to the monthly journal of certificates issued
c)         The Postmaster will write the word “spoiled” in red ink on the certificate and affix the oblong M.O. Stamp and send the same to the Postal Accounts Office duly attached to the monthly journal of certificates issued
d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(41)
26.       If a certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed before issue or from the custody of the Post Office after issue but before delivery to the holder or received from the holder and kept in the custody of the post office, the loss
a)         Should be reported by the Postmaster to the Divisional Supdt
b)         Should be reported Head of the Circle and the Postal Accounts Office concerned
c)         The Sub Postmaster will submit the report through the Head Office
d)         The Head of the Circle shall investigate the matter in order to fix the responsibility and notify the loss/theft etc. in his monthly circular and send a report to the Director General, Posts indicating the circumstances under which the certificate were lost
e)         Al the above                                                                                                  And:e(42)
27.       When the holder of a certificate reports the loss, theft, destruction, mutilation or defacement of a certificate in his custody
a)         The will ask  to  holder to furnish a statement in writing giving particulars of the certificates explaining the circumstances in which the theft, loss, destruction, mutilation
b)         If the holder had been issued an identity slip, the same should be obtained from him if available
c)         The application for the issue of duplicate certificate may be made either at the office of registration or at any other office
d)         All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(43)
28.     If the claim does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000, the claimant should be asked to submit an application duly completed to the authorities mentioned below who are competent to sanction claims without production of legal evidence up to the limit noted against each after the expiry of three months from the date of death of the holder

            a)         Time Scale Departmental SPM  Rs 1000/- & SPM LSG is Rs 2000/-
            b)         SPM/DPM non gezetted Rs5000/- & Dy Chief PM, SP   gezztted  GP is Rs 20000/-
            c)         Chief PM HOs/SSPs GP a is Rs 50000/- & Reg director, Director GPO is Rs 75000/-
            d)         CPMG/PMG Rs 10000/-                              e)         All the above             Ans:e(50)
29.       The KVP introduced and discontinued from
            a)         01-04-1997 & 30 Nov 2011                        b)         01-04-1988 & 31 Dec 2011
            c)         01-04-1988 and 30 Nov 2011                    d)         None of these           Ans:b
30.       The NSC introduced from
            a)         08-05-1989                                                    b)         01-04-1988
            c)         01-04-1990                                                    d)         None of these           Ans:a
31.       Mark the correct option
a)                 NSC can be purchased by jointly or single
b)                 No maximum limit for purchasing NSC
c)                  NSC VIII available in min Rs 100 den
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d
32.       NSC available in
            a)         04 denomination                                          b)         5 denomination
            c)         6 denomination                                            d)         7 denomination        Ans:b
33.       Mark the correct option
a)                 Nomination cannot be made in case NSC purchased on behalf of minor.
b)                 No fee will be charged for registration, cancellation or change in the nomination
c)                  Tax rebate u/s 80-C will be available in NSC
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d
34.       Premature encashment of NSC(VIII) issue
a)                 After 2 years from the purchase of certificate
b)                 After 3 years from the purchase of the certificate
c)                  Premature encashment can not be made before completion of 6 year
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c
35.       Premature encashment of NSC (VIII) will be made
a)                 In case of death of the holder or any of the holder in case of joint account
b)                 On forfeiture by pledgee being Gazetted Government Officer.
c)                  When ordered by a court of law
d)                 Both A, B and C                                                                                           Ans:d
36.       Mark the correct option
a)                 If the certificate is encashed  in case of death of the depositor before expiry on of one year from the date of purchase, only the face value of certificate shall be payable
b)                 If certificate is encashed after expiry of one year SB interest will be applicable
c)                  Both A &B
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c
37.       The NSC (VIII) may be transferred from one person to another person using the  form
            a)         NC 32                                                 b)         NC 34
            c)         NC 61                                                 d)         NC 28                                     Ans:b
38.       The NSC (VIII) can be transferred from one person to another person
            a)         After expiry of the one year            b)         After expiry of 2 year
            c)         At any time                                        d)         Cannot be transferred         Ans:a
39.       The NSC (VIII) may be transferred from one person to another person using the  form
            a)         NC 32                                                 b)         NC 34
            c)         NC 61                                                 d)         NC 28                                     Ans:a
40.       The NSC (VIII) can be transferred from one person to another person before expiry of one year
a)                 To near relative out of natural love and affection
b)                 In the name of the heir or a deceased holder on the admission
c)                  From a holder to a court of law or any other person under the order of court of law
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d
41.       A claim to value of a certificate standing in the name of a deceased holde may be made on the basis of
            a)         Nomination                                                   b)         Legal evidence
            c)         Without production of legal evidence      d)         All the above             Ans:d
42.       Post maturity interest shall be allowed up to ____
            a)         2 years from the date of maturity  
b)         1 years from the date of maturity
            c)         3 years from the date of maturity
            d)         Not allowed                                                                                                   Ans:a
43.       Maturity period will be ____in case  the NSC  purchased on or after 01 Dec 2011
            a)         4 Years                                              b)         5 Years
            c)         6 Years                                              d)         10 Years                                Ans:b
44.       The maturity value on Rs 100 denomination of  5 Yr NSC wef 01 Apr 2012 is
            a)         161.10                                                b)         152.90
            c)         151.80                                                d)         152.00                                    Ans:d
45.       Interest rate on 10 year NSC is
            a)         8.6%                                                   b)         8.4%
            c)         8.5%                                                   d)         8.9%                                       Ans:d

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