AAO syllabus paper I and II portion to study

Paper I ( With Books) 3 Hours 100 Marks

Part I
  1. FRS 1 to 56
  2. SRS 1 to 203
  3. CCS ( Joining Time) Rules 1979
  4. CCS ( Leave) Rules 1972
  5. CCS( Pension) Rules 1972
  6. GPF (CS) Rules 1960
Part II

  • DA , HRA , CCA, CEA and allowance to GDS employees
Paper II ( With Books) 3 Hours 100 Marks

Part I

1 FHB Volume I & Volume II

2. P & T Mannual Volume II( Chapter iV,V,VII, VIII,IX, X, XII)

3. Schedule of financial powers of department of Posts

Part II

  • P & T manual Vol VI Chapter I , II, VII, XII, XVI, XVII
  • Postal manual Volume VI part II & III ( Relating to MOs , IPOs , BPOs Sub accountants & Accounts is SOs)
Part III

Over time allowance , Medical reimbursement HBA, LTC & Group insured scheme

Paper 1:-

FRST Part-1
FRSR Part-2
FRSR Part-3
FRSR Part-4
Pay Rules Made Easy
Pension Rules made easy
Leave Rules Made easy
TA rules made easy
Guide to FRSR


FHB Volume-1
FHB Volume-2
Guide to FHB volume-1
Guide to FHB volume-2
P & T Manual Vol-2
Schedule of Financial powers
P & T Manual Volume VI, PART-2 & 3
Medical Attendance Rules,
IT on salaries.

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