Useful information for handling ATM issues in DOP Finacle


1. Instructions for Postmasters:-
  •        Ensure that the router/switches and ATM Machines at ATM sites to be kept in ON  position 24×7.
  • Install ATM operational Hand Book on Desktops.

2. ATM site problem:-
Ø  If any customer complaints regarding ATM response issue viz; “Timed Out”, respective Pos/ATM SPOCs/CPC Bangalore may raise the issue to AGS to the e-mail id ( with a copy marked
Ø  Any ATM site related issue can be brought to the notice of AGS by respective Pos through mail id On rectification same has to be closed by mailing to the above mail id or calling up the AGS call centre by POs.
3ATM customer care information:-
  •   Toll free customer care centre of CPC  Bangalore (18004252440) is an interim call centre which will handle customer grievances
  • Any ATM card hot-listing in case of loss or theft card along with all other ATM related general queries will be handled by Customer Care after inquiring the customer for authenticity.
  • Apart from Card hot-listing no other issues will be directly handled by Customer Care. Customer care will only act as facilitator for other issues

4. .For cash not dispensed cases request for reversal of amount “-

In case of any cash not dispensed but balance deducted issues, respective POs should send a mail to with a copy marked, with proper ATM ID, Amount, date, transaction number along with Account number

5. Card activation:-

The following information has to send for card activation issues.
Card number,
CIF ID of depositor,
 Date of issuing card,
Date of verifying card.
Process to be followed is again reiterated below:-
§  Responsibility of Chief/Head/Sub Post master where ATM is attached including BG GPO.
o   The Postmaster/Treasurer should hand over the ATM fit currencies to authorized AGS Vendor and get the cash loaded into ATM in the presence of Treasurer
o   .The Postmaster/Treasurer should ensure that, In Finacle, one of the User Champion (SA) Using HXFER menu, do a debit entry to ATM Cash account (SOL id suffixing 0006) and credit entry to Bangalore GPO’s SBI account i.e. 560001000007.
o   This transaction needs to be verified by Finacle Supervisor.   This transaction has to be done on the day of loading of ATM cash.
o   If it is done on subsequent date, the value date should be the actual date of loading of cash.
o   As and when withdrawals takes place in the ATM attached to the HO, the customer Savings Bank account will be debited and ATM cash account of the respective HOs will be credited.
o   ATM Cash Account ledger view (HACLINQ) will reflect the actual cash present in the ATM machine (debit balance). 
o   If Postmaster fails to do ATM cash loading transaction, the ATM cash Account will go to credit balance (Cr.balance), which is incorrect.
o   Same day,  the Postmaster should issue a Remittance Advice to Banglalore GPO in their Meghdoot Treasury module  and scanned copy of the RA should be sent to the following email IDs and, followed by hard copy. Cash balance of the respective HOs will accordingly reduce in their HO Summary.
7. Specification for entry of name in CCMM menu for process of ATM card issue
Please refer to the trail mail vide with Operation Manual for ATM Operations was circulated. It is further clarified that while using menu CCMM, the user has to modify name of Account Holder which is fetched by the system from CIF. User has to ensure that name should not be more than 21 characters and there is no special character in the name like -‘”/ . etc. All such characters are to be removed.  If card is a Personal Card, Account Holder has to be asked to write name in 21 characters in the way he/she want to display on the Card in ATM Requisition Form and name should be entered in CCMM as per wish of the account holder.
For all the Cards which are already entered in CCMM and cards are not activated, this modification has to be done again. After this modification, post office has to send a mail to CPC Bangalore for  downloading the file again in CCDM so that cards can be activated.

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