Terms and conditions of engagement of GDS

a) Tenure: Tenure of engagement is two years and there after extendable by one year, subject  to satisfactory performance.

b) Probation: GDS as Territory Officer shall be placed on probation for a period of three months during which the performance will be monitored with a view to determine their suitability as a Territory Officer. If not found suitable, the GDS may be repatriated.
c) Leaves: GDS as Territory Officer at IPPB shall be guided by the existing Leave Rules provided in the GDS Conduct & Engagement Rules, 2011. However, due payment of leave period shall be made by IPPB.

d) GDS on contractual hiring by IPPB will be treated on duty for his/her entire period of ad hoc engagement in IPPB. The ad hoc engagement with IPPB will be counted as service rendered in GDS post for the purpose of seniority, annual increase and determining discharge benefits in the GDS post. The GDS selected for engagement with IPPB may handover the BO accommodation to the provisional appointee till his/her period of engagement with IPPB.

e) Performance Appraisal: 
  • The appraisal of the engaged GDS will be carried out at the end of each Financial Year  and will be done by the Reviewing / Reporting/ Accepting Authorities as decided by the Managing Director/ CEO of India Post Payments Bank Ltd. provided the engaged GDS have completed a minimum of 3 months’ tenure in a financial year at India Post Payments Bank Ltd.
  • The format of appraisal will be designed and maintained by IPPB. 
  • Whenever demanded by DoP, IPPB shall provide performance reports in respect of the GDSs who are engaged in IPPB on ad hoc basis.
  • DoP may utilize appraisal reports shared by IPPB for its own records.
f) Code of Conduct: A GDS engaged shall continue to be governed by the GDS (Conduct and Engagement Rules) 2011. In case a GDS engages in misconduct during his/her tenure at IPPB, IPPB will raise the issue with concerned authority at DoP and suitable action, including repatriation, may be undertaken as per applicable rules.

g) During repatriation, IPPB shall transfer all records and evidence of the misconduct of the GDS (if any) to the parent organization. 

h) GDS should clearly know that this temporary arrangement does not confirm on him any right for regular absorption in the IPPB which will be done under the existing recruitment rules only.

i) In all matters relating the conditions of service in the bank not covered in the above-mentioned clauses, the GDS hired on contract at IPPB shall be covered by the rules, regulations and orders of IPPB.

j) The above-mentioned terms and conditions will be applicable till GDS remains engaged with the bank. On reversion from engagement, he / she will be governed by relevant rules as laid down by DoP.

k) IPPB shall reimburse the proportionate discharge benefits including DoP subscription to NPS etc. to DoP for the period for which the GDS serves at IPPB. This reimbursement shall be made every year at the end of 31 March.

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