Request for keeping the RT 2018 of PA cadre in abeyance and to consider any Movement clubbing with Cadre restructuring of Gr. C employees(PA Cadre)

No. P3/Cadre restructuring/RT 2018 dt. 10.04.2018 

Shri. M. Sampath, IPoS.,
Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Sir, 
Sub: Request for keeping the RT 2018 of PA cadre in abeyance and to consider any Movement clubbing with Cadre restructuring of Gr. C employees(PA Cadre) – Reg.

Ref: This union letter No. No. P3/Genl./Cadre restructuring dt. 19.3.2018 presented In the meeting with the Staff Side.

As discussed with the CPMG, TN during the informal meeting held on 6.4.2018, we are presenting the following to the kind and personal notice of our CPMG, TN in connection with the subject matter referred.
  1. Out of 2967 posts allotted for LSG earlier, 2878 posts were identified already. Based on the revised order of the Dept. dt. 10.11.2017, further 143 posts in LSG have to be identified, besides vacating all the Treasury Posts from LSG, 694 posts have to be re-identified, in addition. Adding with the LSG posts already identified in RLO, which should be re-identified, the total no. of posts now to be identified is 847.
  2. For all these 847 LSG posts and further to the declined unfilled posts of nearly 200 nos., fresh officials from P.A. cadre have to be promoted and posted from the proposed seniority list. Hence, there must be a major transfer and promotions from among the existing P.A. cadre throughout the Circle at the time of implementation of II phase Cadre restructuring.
  3. Further, all the 694 LSG posts now vacated from Treasury, have to be filled up from among the Time Scale P.A.s and there must be further transfers totaling to more 1741, with resultant movements are expected, in addition to the A/Cs line promotions from among the Time Scale Accountants.
  4. Whereas, thousands of posts are already upgraded into LSG, HSG II and HSG I, the scope of RT to be issued by the Divisional Heads among P.A.s are very limited, since the percentage of tenure completed officials from among the present set of P.A.s are less.
  5. If any RT is made/ issued RT implemented, before implementation of the II phase Cadre Restructuring in P.A. cadre, then there would be a major second shuffle shortly, which would affect the interest of the working officials and compulsorily involving huge amount of TA/TP etc. 
  6. Since the Department has issued order to complete the process of Cadre Restructuring before 31.1.2018, there is every possibility of completing the same before 30.9.2018, which is the closing period of Rotational Transfers, as per the policy guidelines of RT.
  7. Hence, if presently the RT is implemented among P.A. cadre before 31.5.2018, within a short span of 3 months of expected next RT, the officials have to face continuous movements, which would be a major disturbance in the family life of the employees, during the technological transition period and acute shortage scenario.
  8. Considering all such factors into account, already many Circle administrations have halted the RT process. To cite an example the copies of such orders issued by Karnataka and Kerala Circles are enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.
In these circumstances, we request our Chief PMG, TN to consider all the factors placed above, and to consider the plight of the employees working in such a depressed scenario, the RT of this year may kindly be made along with the implementation of the cadre restructuring order, when the newly identified posts are filled in.

With regards,

D.A.: As refd.

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