Useful for IP and Postmaster Grade I exams
1.         Cost of single MO forms is
            a)         0.50 paise                                          b)         0.25 paise
            c)         Rs 1/-                                                  d)         Free of cost                           Ans:b
2.         The book of MO form contain
            a)         50 forms                                             b)         100 forms
            c)         25 forms                                             d)         200 forms                              Ans:a
3.         The cost of VP MO form is
            a)         0.50 paise                                          b)         0.25 paise
            c)         Rs 1/-                                                  d)         Free of cost                           Ans:b
4.         The daily MO issue journal and MO paid  list prepared in
            a)         MO-2, MO-4                                       b)         MO-4, MO14
            c)         MO 17, MO 18                                   d)         None of these                       Ans:a

5.         MO issue journal prepared in
            a)         Single copy                                       d)         In duplicate
            c)         In triplicate                                         d)         In quadruplicate                   Ans:c
6.         Mark the correct option
a)                 MO check list prepared in MO 70
b)                 HVMO list prepared in MO-75
c)                  Register of MO received prepared in MO-3
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d 
7.         The round and oblong MO stamp must always remain under lock and key in personal custody of
            a)         Regn PA                                            b)         MO PA
            c)         Postmaster                                        d)         None of these                       Ans:c
8.         MO becomes void
a)                 At the beginning of the month following the month of its issue.
b)                 At the end of the  month of issue
c)                  At the end of the month following the month of its issue
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c(65)
9.         The official who initial in the Postman book in token of receipt of MO acknowledgement is
            a)         Regn PA                                            b)         Postmaster
            c)         Treasurer                                           d)         MO paid PA                           Ans:d(38)
10.       If the remitter presents an application requesting postmaster of office of issue to change  the name of payee, the fee to be collected is
a)                 Second commission in cash
b)                 Free
c)                  Second commission in shape of postage stamp affixed on the application
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c
11.       A money order received for payment to minor of 5 year old is paid to
a)                 Parent or guardian
b)                 Minor himself
c)                  Any elder available at the given address
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:a(34)
12.       If the payee refuses to take MO payment, MO should be
a)                 Kept in deposit for 7 days
b)                 Returned to RLO
c)                  Returned to remitter at once
d)                 Returned to the remitter after 10 days                                                      Ans:c(62)
13.       When a remitter presents MO form filled in regional language which is not known at the office of payment, the MO issue PA
a)                 Translates into English
b)                 Dispatches the MO form as it is
c)                  Insists the customer to fill the form in English
d)                 Refused to book the MO                                                                             Ans:a(9)
14.       If a MO is lost after payment
a)                 Duplicate MO will be prepared by office of issue
b)                 Duplicate mo will be prepared by office of payment
c)                  Certificate of payment will be prepared by office of payment
d)             Memo of admission of payment will be prepared by office of issue and on receipt, the office of payment will get the signature of the payee in the memo and forward it to the Audit Office.                                                                        Ans:d(75)
15.       Fee for redirection of an Inland MO is
            a)         Double of MO commission                         b)         Equal to the MO commission
            c)         Hal of MO commission                                d)         Free of cost               Ans:d(59)
16.       If the remitter wants to change the name of payee, after booking of MO
a)                 No fee is to be collected from eh remitter for the first alteration
b)                 Second commission equal to first
c)                  Half of the first commission
d)                 Postage stamp for Rs 10 to be affixed on the request form                 Ans:b(61)
17.       High Value money order received without HVMO list
a)                 Will be returned to the remitter
b)                 Will be paid as usual
c)                  Will be sent to divisional office for further order
d)                 Will be kept in deposit to ascertain genuineness from the office of issue
18.       The amount of commission on a Service money order for Rs 5000 is
            a)         Rs 250/-                                             b)         Half rate of normal MO
            c)         Nil                                                       d)         None of these                       Ans:c(11)
19.       Family allotment money order is remitted by
            a)         Railway authorities                          b)         Defense authorities
            c)         Telecom authorities                         d)         None of these                       Ans:b(55)
20.       The MO commission chargeable for remitting Rs 5000/- to National defense fund and Prime minister Relief fund is Rs
            a)         Rs 250/-                                             b)         Half rate of normal MO
            c)         Nil                                                       d)         50 only                                   Ans:c(11)
21.       The stamp impressed on Mo form received for payment is
            a)         Oblong stamp                                   b)         Round MO stamp
            c)         Date stamp                                        d)         Name stamp                          Ans:b(25)
22.       If a MO is repaid to the remitter, his signature should be obtained on
a)                 Only in the MO receipt portion
b)                 Both in the receipt and acknowledgment portion
c)                  Only in the acknowledgement portion
d)                 Only in postman book                                                                                 Ans:a(61)
23.       Family allotment MO is printed in
            a)         Blue ink in red paper                       b)         Blue ink on pink paper
            c)         Red ink on blue paper                    d)         black ink on blue paper      Ans:c(55)
24.       If there is a discrepancy of less than Rs 10/- between the amount entered by the remitter and by the office of issue
a)                 MO issue returned to the office of issue for necessary correction
b)                 MO is paid only after confirming the value of MO by fax/telegram
c)                  The amount written by the remitter is paid and irregularity reported to office of issue
d)                 None of these                                                                                               And:c923)
25.       If a payee of the VPMO (sender of the VP article) for Rs 400/- is deceased, then the VPMO should be
            a)         Returned to the addressee of the VP article
            b)         paid to the claimant in the presence of alliterate witness
            c)         Returned t Audit office as unpaid
            d)         Paid to the claimant after obtaining indemnity bond with one surety              Ans:d(77)

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