Internal error while onboarding users in ECA enrollment


While doing Aadhaar onboarding user, it showing as Internal error please try again. This error due to  connectivity issue in internet such as slow or no connectivity.

Before entering into enrollment process, please ensure the internet connectivity of sify. Please connect internet through DATA card or some other mode like mobile tethering in order to upload the data to UIDAI after authentication. 
Internal error occurred even we are using DATA Card or Mobile data:
  • Please turn off auto updates in Windows to avoid internal error.
  • The following problem faced while enrolling Operator or supervisor in Aadhaar Software

    Partially enrolled:

    • In Some cases, the Aadhaar enrollment completed partially due to slow connectivity of internet. In this case we could not enroll further until deletion of partially completed enrollment. Hence, delete the enrollment for the particular user to proceed further.
    • In rare cases, while login into Aadhaar client software by using the credential of successful enrolled user it may showing the error message as “Login could not possible due to tampering of data”. Delete Enrollment done already and do enrollment for the same user freshly to enable login for the particular user.

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  1. Akash jayswal says

    Partially enrolled ho Jaa Raha hai

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