Instructions for preventing databases from corruption – Database Stop Utility for CSI

Dear All Circle Cordinators,

We, POS team, tomorrow will give a Webex demonstration of an already live post office screen to all of you regarding this following matter. Please go through below topic.

Kind Attention : DMCC Team/All System Administrators/All Circle Coordinators: 

During the course of implementation in CSI POS, the major issue we faced are no other than Sync Issues. In last few months we have also seen that the number of database file corruption in local post offices have increased rapidly.

While doing the RCA, we found that this is because of abrupt shutdown of server machines without shutting down the Database Server separately. This is a big point of worry for CSI POS team.
We assumed, on an ideal condition the database server machine will run 24×7, and the master data will flow during the off-hours, while transactional data will flow during the business hours. But on the ground it is difficult to maintain the same, as told by the DoP people. They cited that the power failure is predominant in remote Indian terrain and also keeping UPS ON is not possible since there is risk of fire from UPS and so on and so forth.

So we have decided to introduce the Stop Database Utility, which should be used before shutting down the server system at the End Of Day. This required to be followed sincerely to avoid DB corruption issues. 

To download the utility please follow instructions as below:
• Open any web browser and navigate to the link

• Click on, It will be downloaded to your default Download folder

• Unzip and copy Stop_Database_Server.bat and paste it inside C:POSTALPOS_BO.

Additionally please recollect that to start the database during morning time 

•Click on Start_Database_server.bat

Now at the end of the day before shutting down the server system stop the database at the End Of Business day

•Click on Stop_Database_server.bat

This will also ensure another round of high_Sync with the central.

We Once Again request all the System administrators and technical experts of DoP to please pay attention to this to do away all Sync and Database related issues.

Thanks & Regards
Swastik Chowdhury

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