Inbox Sharing in SAP – CSI

If Treasurer/SPM/PM/IPOs/SPOs/DPS/PMG/CPMG – Higher Authorities who have play a vital role in work places for receipt / transmit of cash or approval leave request can share their own work places to some when they are going on leave.

Procedure to make substitute for Treasury role on deputation
1. Logon into SAP of the Official who is going on leave
2. SAP > Workflow settings > Maintain substitute > Create substitute > S: Search item /__* in this place enter Employee ID ( who is going to do work)
  1. Click on OK/ User 1 Entry/ Here will appear employee details
  2. Substitution Data Validity please enter dates (either deputation period/treasury counter change period)
  3. Click at Substitution active
  4. Save

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