Verification of Pending of Account Modification / CIF Merger

This is regarding the VERIFICATION which are pending as part of ACCOUNT MODIFICATIONS/CIF MERGERS in various schemes . This is mandatory for posting of INTEREST during this EOY operations.
Please circulate the following instructions to POs immediately

SOLs have to clear the pending verifications of account modifications / CIF mergers done in SB / PPF / SSA accounts before interest posting operations are commenced for this financial year on 31/03/2018. For SCSS accounts, verifications should be completed before 28/03/2018 as interest for the current quarter will be posted during the EOD of 28/03/2018.

SOLs can use HAFI menu to check unverified accounts and complete the verifications. As CIF merger has taken place for a large number of accounts due to Aadhaar linking, verifications may be left pending in HCCA also in addition to CASBAM/CPPFAM/CSCAM menus. So, the SOL users have to use the relevant menu for verification.

Please revert in case of any issues/clarifications on the above.

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