RList 1.4 for Windows 10

RList+ Version 1.4 released on 19.03.2018 is compiled in Windows 10 and uploaded on 24.03.18. This version works on both Windows10 and Windows7 (I have not tested in other OSs)


  • This can be used by both DOP (DO, CPC, HO) and Bulk Customers.
  • When any article is deleted the SL no will be reset.
  • At the startup, it will ask Prepaid Bulk or Bulk. Depending on selection other option will be hidden.
  • Before installation, please run the following Registry settings files. (Not mandatory, if the settings are already made). These settings do not harm any dop settings.
1.Set the Defender off
2.Regional settings
3. Set the paper as LETTER in Printers Printing preferences.

RList+ 1.4 Complete Setup:

Exe and MDB only:

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