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MACP – NFIR request Railway Board to extend 90 days time to submit representations against the awarded gradings of ‘Good’

NFIR requests to extend the time line of 30 days granted by Railway Board to 90 days to submit the appraisals.
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi – 110055
Affiliated to :
Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)
No. IV/MACPS/09/Part II
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Providing opportunity for submitting representation to the employees who have been awarded below “Very Good” Grading in their last three years’ APARs for the purpose of MACPS-reg.
Ref: (i) NFIR’s letterNo.IV/MACPS/09/Part 10 dated 19/0112017.
(ii) Railway Board’s letter No. E(NG)I-2018/CR/2 dated 27/02/2018
Kind attention is invited to NFIR’S letter No. IV/MACPS/09/Part 10 dated 19/01/2017 responding to which Railway Board have issued instructions vide letter dated,27/02/2018 giving a chance as a onetime measure to represent against the ‘Good’ or below gradings recorded in the APARs of staff pertaining to the years 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-17
While appreciating the decision of the Board for granting an opportunity to the staff to submit representations against the awarded gradings of ‘Good’ or below within 30 days from the date of Board’s communication, NFIR desires to convey that in such a large network of Indian Railways, the Board’s communication may not reach on time to the staff working at remote places as the publicity of the administration is also not adequate. Many staff may also not be aware of the gradings already awarded to them by the controlling authorities.
NFIR, therefore, urges upon the Railway Board to kindly reconsider and grant 90 days time from the date of Board’s instructions i.e.27/2/2018, to facilitate staff to prefer appeals, wherever needed. It would also be necessary to advise General Managers of Zonal Railways to arrange to give copy of the gradings awarded to the concerned employees at the earliest. A copy of modified instructions may be endorsed to the Federation.
Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M.Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Source : NFIR

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