Instructions on DB Corruptions related issues and Guidelines

Dear Team,

Kindly find the following guidelines from TCS team, to avoid user mistakes, on DB corruption issues. Kindly go through the same, and share your inputs if any.

DB Corruption-related:

1. Inadvertent faulty installation of applications, will cause sync fails. Pl ensure proper installation.

2. To keep the database in healthy state, Pl follow the below process: 
“In the beginning of the day Switch on the server >> Login using the System User ID >> Start the Database ( Tool is already provided) and then start work on the POS.

While the opposite sequence is required to be followed during the EOD, i.e., End the POS work >> STOP the Database >> Shutdown the Database Server when the stopping of DB completed successfully.

3. It is noticed in some offices, the users just abruptly force shutdown the Database Server and in many cases on that particular time Sync was ongoing.With multiple such cases Sync process fails.

4. Ensure continuous running of Database on the respective PO, to keep DB server holds good. 

5. It is noticed, many Post Offices are running without UPS and in a locality where power failure is predominant. This causes OS failure and followed by improper Database Setup. It is strongly recommend to provide UPS to all and sundry.

6. It is noticed, in some offices, important folder PostalPOS_BO is deleted inadvertently. Pl ensure, to avoid such deletion. 

7. Please ensure proper back up, security of sync configurations and proper restoration of files where the systems are formatted. 

8. It is noticed in some offices, that, user runs Daily Sync even if it has automatically run successfully for that particular day. Please aviod such actions.

Other Guidelines:

1. Please ensure, to maintain the latest backup in POSTALPOS_Backup folder. Older backups of 3-4 months can be deleted to maintain enough space in C Drive leaving latest 5 days backup. 

2. Since backup is very important, user should monitor the backup being taken in timely basis. In case of any discrepancy they should contact the POS team.

3. Kindly avoid, changing of date and time in local DB servers. 

4. It is noticed, that some users are frequently doing PO Account Submission inadvertently, This issue, required WebEx support to fix the local issue.

Thanks & Regards
S. Thyagarajan
CSI – Command Centre
CEPT Chennai-02
Tel: 044-28524482

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