Excess Cash Remittance to Bank / Treasury and Generate ACG-11 in CSI

Whenever Excess cash is accumulated in Post Office the same should be sent to Bank as the rules are not permitted to kept cash exceed their limit.
  • Login in SAP as a treasurer
  • Enter Tcode in SAP 


  • Enter 10 digit Profit Centre no of concerned office and then enter excess amount.
  • Now, select CASH REMITTANCE TO BANK button.
  • Then click ENTER
  • The system will automatically takes debit and credit GL codes. 
  • Click SAVE.
  • Note down the document number which will show on left bottom.
Prepare ACG-11 : Memo of Remittance to Treasury / Bank

  • Enter Tcode


for preparing ACG-11.

Enter Document No.xxxxxxx which was generate earlier by using TCode ZFFV50
Fiscal year YYYY
Profit center 10 Digit No.
Name of the bank xxx
Date dd.MM.YYYY
Enter the denomination of currency notes used. 

Click on Execute to generate ACG-11 and click print button to take a print out of the generated document.

The same should be approved by the Supervisor by follow the below steps
  • Go to Inbox of Supervisor SAP
  • Click Workflow and click on message
  • Press Release the Amount

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