The Cheif PMG ,
 Tamilnadu Circle

Respected Sir,
In deference to your instruction to the undersigned during the discussion on cadre restructuring on 19th instant, i am to submit the following.

As per the scheme of CR , 10% of HSG I posts have earmarked for HSG I with NFG scale . Equal of number of HSG I officials among those who have completed two years of service are required to be upgraded as HSG ( NFG).

The act of allowing the senior most HSG I officials to draw higher pay is by means of upgradation and not on promotion in as much as the communal roster is not invoked nor the process is Incorporated in recruitment rule

This is therefore mere upgradation and very personal to the incumbents as in the case of MACP. Hence the need for posts in the specified scale of pay to be given to HSG I NFG does not arise . They can work in HSG I post as in the case of MACP III officials working in posts carrying less GP.

Unless grant of the HSG I NFG is included in RR with communal roster applicability, the scheme of the things can be only upgradation and not a promotion.

The grant of NFG scale to PSS Gr B officers who have completed 4 years of service in VI cpc is a typical prelude the present case. No separate posts were identified for the upgradation and the eligible officers were allowed to work in the same post even after getting 5400/- NFG GP

We would like to state that our plea as above during the CR committee headed by the benign Charles Lobo on 2.8.17 was well received and resulted as instruction contained in para 4.2 of Directorate letter 25.04/2012- PE- I ( vol Ii ) dtd 10.11.

As enshrined therein, the NFG in HSG I can be granted to officials with out any dislocation and the question of identifying the post is left to be decided in future

We therefore request your good self to grant NFG scales to eligible officials (by treating it as upgradation) as per the instructions now in force.

As we are confident that our above pleadings will result in a permenant solution rendering the identification of post redundant , we request you to kindly excuse us for not being a part of identifying the NFG post as desired

Kindly issue NFG to all eligible officials including those who have retired as per the instructions in point 11 of FAQ issued in DOPT case mark AB/ 14017/47/2011- Estt (RR) dated 1.8.12 for the similar scheme in vi cpc to an another cadre.

Thanking you
Circle Secretary
@ Chennai 4

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